The island of Rhodes is located at the crossroads of two major sea routes of the Mediterranean between the Aegean Sea and the coast of the Middle East, as well as Cyprus and Egypt. The meeting point of three continents, it has known many civilizations.

Throughout its long history the different people who settled on Rhodes left their mark in all aspects of the island's culture: art, language, architecture. Its strategic position brought to the island great wealth and made the city of Rhodes one of the leading cities of the ancient Greek world.

Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese. Its capital city, located at its northern tip, is the capital of the Prefecture with the Medieval Town in its centre. In 1988 the Medieval Town was designated as a World Heritage City. The Medieval Town of Rhodes is the result of different architectures belonging to various historic eras, predominantly those of the Knights of St. John.

The island of Rhodes belongs to the South Aegean Region. It is the largest island in the Dodecanese and the fourth in Greece after Crete, Evia and Lesvos (Lesbos). It has a long history, a rich natural environment, beautiful beaches and modern tourist facilities, elements that have for decades made it a one of the most popular tourist destinations both nationally and worldwide.

The island of Rhodes is oblong and has the shape of a spear edge. Located about 460 kilometers southeast of Athens, 380 km west of Cyprus and 18 km southwest of Turkey. Its length is 77 km, width 37 km and total area of 1,401 square kilometers (1,408,749 acres). It has 253 kilometers of coastline. The island can be described as mountainous with the highest mountains the Atavyros (1210 meters), the Artamyti (825 meters) and the Prophet Ilias (800 meters).

The population according to the latest census amounts to 117,007 inhabitants.

The island can be reached both by air or sea. Rhodes has an International Airport, "Diagoras", located in Paradisi and away from Rhodes town 14 km.

The inhabitants of Rhodes speak except from the Greek language mostly English, and many of them know other languages like German, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian and others.

The official currency is the euro.

Standard Time: UTC / GMT +2 hours
Summer Time: UTC / GMT +3 hours

The weather is clear on the island all year round. The maximum and minimum temperatures per month are as follow:

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
°C Min 10 10 12 15 18 22 27 27 26 22 18 14
°C Max 13 13 16 20 24 28 32 34 30 27 23 17



Approach the Rhodes Island

There are two ways to approach the island of Rhodes.

  • By Airplane

    Diagoras International Airport (airport code RHO) is located on the Greek Isle of Rhodes near the city of Paradissi. The airport is 13 kilometers southwest of the city of Rhodes and is linked by bus service, taxis and car rentals. The airport's new terminal was completed in 2005. The 4th busiest airport in Greece visited by around 1.800.000 passengers from abroad and 400.000 from Greece and served by over 50 air carriers, although most have only seasonal service. SKY express, Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air have year-round service to several locations throughout Greece along with service to other cities in Europe. Located in the southeast Mediterranean Sea, Rhodes is a major sea port with links to Athens, Crete, Cyprus and Turkey.
    Direct international flights
    There are regular international flights to and from Italy, England, Germany and Israel, mostly during the summer, as well as a big number of chartered flights to and from all around the world. Please contact your travel agent for more details.

    The IATA code is RHO.

    Rhodes Diagoras Airport
    85106 Rodos
    Tel.: (011 30)224 108 8900

  • By Ship

    The Ship Company Blue Star Ferries, with services on a daily bases from and to the Piraeus port offer a comfortable voyage with 50% reduction to the passengers and their cars.
    In addition many daily ferries offer easy access to the Turkish coast line from the port of Marmaris to the port to Rhodes.
    Crete Island through Heraklion and Sitia ports connect the two big islands.




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